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Monument Maintenance Fund

In 1989, our organization's founders set out to revitalize a forgotten chapter in American history and to pay tribute to the Japanese American men and women who served in the US Armed Forces during World War II. They vowed that these individuals would never again be forgotten. A full decade later, their vision became a reality carved in black granite.

The Go For Broke Monument not only symbolizes the Nisei soldiers' courage, honor and sacrifice in the face of heart-wrenching struggle, but also signifies the vow of our organization's founders to always remember this history.

We keep this promise of remembrance at the forefront of our current mission. You, too, can be a part of this important endeavor.

Much work goes into preserving the Monument to ensure that visitors will learn about and remember the Nisei soldiers for years to come. The granite must be cleaned and polished, the surrounding area landscaped, and the visitor kiosk and lighting maintained.

Your donation to the Monument Maintenance Fund supports the preservation of our Monument.

Thank you in advance for your support...

Please provide us with your complete contact information by checking the "Share my information..." box on payment page. This will allow us to send you a tax write-off letter for your donation.

Add "In Memory/Honor Of" information in the special instructions box. A screenshot is shown below.

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