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An American Story

Rising to the defense of their country, by the thousands they came – these young Japanese American soldiers from Hawaii, the States, America’s concentration camps – to fight in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. Looked upon with suspicion, set apart and deprived of their constitutional rights, they nevertheless remained steadfast and served with indomitable spirit and uncommon valor, for theirs was a fight to prove loyalty. This legacy will serve as a sobering reminder that never again shall any group be denied liberty and the rights of citizenship.

-- Ben Tamashiro, 100th Infantry Battalion

"You fought not only the enemy…you fought prejudice and won."

-- President Harry S. Truman, as he welcomed the 100/442 RCT home

"My fellow Americans, we gather here today to right a grave wrong… Now let me sign HR442."

-- President Ronald Reagan, Civil Liberties Act of 1988

"Never in military history did an army know as much about the enemy prior to the actual engagement…"

-- General Douglas McArthur, Supreme Commander, Pacific Theater, referring to the MIS

"The Nisei saved countless lives and shortened the war by two years."

-- Major General Willoughby, General McArthur's Intelligence Chief, referring to the MIS

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