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It took great courage from the Nisei soldiers to fight for a country that for many, had violated their constitutional rights. But courage comes in many forms -- it can be standing up for what is right, perseverance, taking action despite potential harm, or following your dreams. We ask visitors to share a time when they, or someone they know, demonstrated courage. Here are a few examples.

"My mom went back to college to receive a higher education and got her first full time job in over 15 years. Even when it's hard, she makes sure to spend time with our family. <3 12 May 2017"
"I decided as an Asian American that I will continue to represent my people that continue to be cast in the shadows. I will sing, I will act, I will perform to be a voice and more. There are many people out there that are never heard. I will stand up for them. Because I hear them. #changeiscoming 5/21/17 Melvin Biteng"
"Thank you Grandpa Hashimoto, for serving your country even though it had imprisoned your father. You were one of the best men I've ever known."
"The time I walked away from toxic people even though they meant a lot to me."
"When my dad decided to battle addiction, and seek help for it. It's a constant fight, however he continues to press on. -Naia 1/8/16"
"When I finally managed to come out of the closet and present myself to others the way I truly am, A transgender boy."
"When I went on my first loopdey loop roller coaster. -KH"
"My friend spoke up against a coworker who believed it was not the responsibility of others who were more fortunate to assist the less fortunate team members at work. 11/16/17"
"There was this time where a girl in my class was getting bullied by someone in a different grade. Because she was too scared, she wouldn't tell a teacher. One day, while she was in the restroom, the entire class stepped up to tell the teacher the truth. The bully was suspended and hasn't talked to that girl since then."
"For more than 10 years my father worked and saved money in the United States so that the rest of the family could immigrate. My mother, me, and my sisters lived in the Philippines at the time. My father had 2-3 full time jobs while my mother took care of 4 kids. Both my parents are incredibly courageous. Love you Mom and Dad"

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