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Honor a Veteran Tributes

Veteran: Tetsuo Asato
Honored by: Dorothy Asato Seo, Becky Asato, and Robyn Tsik
Veteran: Robert Masao Baba
Honored by: Ann Baba Newman
Veteran: Shiyo Doiwchi
Honored by: Carole Zaima
Veteran: Hobi Fujiu
Honored by: Alan Hino
Veteran: Tom Shishido
Honored by: Alan Hino
Veteran: Minoru Miyasaki
Honored by: Alan Hino
Veteran: Sam Fujikawa
Honored by: Eva Noda
Veteran: Takashi Fujiwara
Honored by: Nancy Lucero
Veteran: George Furuya
Honored by: Carrie Morita
Veteran: Eugene “Tiger” Hattori
Honored by: Donna Nakashima
Veteran: Henry “Hank” Harada
Honored by: Kathy Harada
Veteran: Mino Imai
Honored by: Keith Kawamoto
Veteran: Isamu “Sam” Inouye
Honored by: LTC Kimberly Ann Inouye, US Army
Veteran: PFC Torao Hayashi and Masao (Roy) Hayashi
Honored by: Sandy (Hayashi) Minner
Veteran: Yukio Hibino
Honored by: Shirley Hibino
Veteran: Yoichi Ichikawa and Glenn Ichikawa
Honored by: Mitch Ichikawa
Veteran: Alfredo Gonzales Kame
Honored by: Alfredo Kame
Veteran: Chris Kishio Ishii, M.I.S.
Honored by: Carolyn Abe-Ishii
Veteran: Dr. Harry F. Abe, 442 RCT
Honored by: Carolyn Abe-Ishii
Veteran: Colonel Young Oak Kim
Honored by: Chip and Lisa Mamiya
Veteran: Yeiki Kobashigawa
Honored by: Jill Yamashiro
Veteran: Fred Kosaka
Honored by: Michelle Enriquez and Lynn and Fred Villoria
Veteran: Ryoichi "Roy" Matsuda
Honored by: Terence Bantilan
Veteran: Yeiki Matsui
Honored by: Mark Matsui
Veteran: Tadao Miyamoto
Honored by: Nyle Miyamoto
Veteran: Hiroshi Mizuki
Honored by: Leslie Olson
Veteran: Shizuo (Buzz) Mizuki
Honored by: Robin Mizuki
Veteran: John Mizuki
Honored by: Robin Mizuki
Veteran: Robert Katsumi Mizumoto
Honored by: Peggy Mizumoto
Veteran: Tsutomu J. Mochizuki
Honored by: Jon Mochizuki
Veteran: Cpl. James Y. Morita
Honored by: Ann Shima & Barry Morita
Veteran: Yoneto Nakata
Honored by: Mary and John Sunada
Veteran: T/Sgt Fred H. Odanaka
Honored by: Michael, Margie and Katherine Odanaka
Veteran: Captain Richard S. Oguro
Honored by: Michael Oguro
Veteran: Edward T. Sasaki
Honored by: Nancy Sasaki
Veteran: Howard Warren Stranahan, Jr.
Honored by: Andrew Stranahan
Veteran: Private Robert Yasuto Tabata
Honored by: Lisa Tabata
Veteran: PFC Shigeo Tabuchi
Honored by: Sandy Toshiyuki
Veteran: Mas Takahashi
Honored by: Scott Takahashi
Veteran: Yoshio Weesh Takahashi
Honored by: Pam Bergman
Veteran: Henry Takeshita
Honored by: Stephen Takeshita
Veteran: Staff Sergeant David Y. Tanji
Honored by: Sara and Ethan Wong
Veteran: Tadashi Tokuda
Honored by: Lili Tokuda
Veteran: Minoru Toyota
Honored by: Marilyn Yutani
Veteran: Thomas Toguchi
Honored by: Wendy Toguchi
Veteran: Paul Takeo Toguchi
Honored by: Wendy Toguchi
Veteran: Harry Wong
Honored by: Victor Wong
Veteran: Shizuko Ben Yamanaka
Honored by: Gail Yamanaka
Veteran: Kazuo Yamane
Honored by: Joyce Yamane
Veteran: Isao Yoshimura
Honored by: Paula Yoshimura

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