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Asiatic-Pacific Theater

The Military Intelligence Service (MIS) took part in much of the action in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater during World War II. The MIS Nisei accompanied every major Army and Marine unit in the US Armed Forces as well as units of Allied nations, including Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, India and China. The MIS Nisei also worked in intelligence centers in the United States, Australia and India.

The MIS participated in the following operations during and after the Pacific war. Campaigns with their corresponding battles and actions are listed below in chronological order.1 Also included is key information on the initial deployment of the MIS linguists, the translation of the Z-Plan document, and the occupation efforts in Japan.

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In addition to the campaigns listed above, the MIS Nisei were sent in to numerous other operations as needed throughout the Asiatic-Pacific Theater. The length of their involvement would range from a few weeks to several months. The number of soldiers would also vary from a single individual to a team of ten or more. The various campaigns in which they were involved include: Central Pacific (December 7, 1941 - December 6, 1943), Japan Air Offensive (April 17, 1942 - September 2, 1945), Papua (July 23, 1942 - January 23, 1943), Bismarck Archipelago (December 15, 1943 - November 27, 1944), and Eastern Mandates (January 31 - June 14, 1944).

Courtesy of Vincenzo Peluso and Toyoko Yamane-Peluso.
East of Manila, 1945. Discussing surrender terms with a Japanese lieutenant general. Courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration.


1The dates reflected are the actual campaign dates according to the US Army Center of Military History. The precise dates for the involvement of MIS linguists during these campaigns is difficult to determine.

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