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Melvin Willis

Melvin Willis (25) from Richmond, CA

My Mission
I fight for racial and economic justice. In my community, I fight so that everyone can have affordable housing, healthcare, and equal community benefits, regardless of race or immigration status.

My Actions
I have led marches, chants, and press conferences. I reach out to people in my city to hear their concerns, and I let them know about issues that could impact their neighborhoods. It has been my job to get people to come together, so that with power in numbers we can be a strong voice for the community.

Finding Courage
It has been tough fighting for more affordable housing, tenant protections, foreclosure prevention, and healthcare for all people. The "powers that be" often use scare tactics to prevent city government from enacting change. Others feel that undocumented immigrants shouldn't have healthcare because they're not citizens. When I come across such opposition, I have to remember who I am fighting for. Stand strong, even when the odds may stand against us.

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