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Kaleb Sullen

Kaleb Sullen (22) from Indianapolis, IN

My Mission
I want to teach young adults to take a stand against any kind of discrimination, prejudice, or racism. It is our mission as young people to encourage an open heart and not to judge one another by ethnicity or cultural background.

My Actions
I decided to take a stand on my campus at Indiana University. Due to racist acts caused by a chapter of my fraternity at the University of Oklahoma, a good friend of mine and I put together a Unity Walk on campus that demonstrated togetherness. Whether you are black, white, Asian, Hispanic, straight, gay, or lesbian, we all can come together as a community and share our power as a WHOLE people. Be a POSITIVE light in your community and others will take notice. Be that ROLE MODEL that treats everybody with respect.

Finding Courage
As a biracial young man, I have seen many sides of discrimination from both white and black. The most difficult hurdle has been creating an identity for myself and making sure that I always stand up for what's right. It can be hard not to just go along with what your friends think and say about others. You have to decide how to treat others based on how you would want to be treated.

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