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Gabby and Maria Munoz-Robles

Maria Munoz-Robles (19) and Gabby Munoz-Robles (19), both from Gardnerville, NV

Our Mission
We advocate for the rights of immigrants, and we hope to pave a path for other immigrants at the University of Notre Dame.

Our Actions
Growing up, we faced many challenges as immigrants. We had kept silent for 19 years until leaders at Notre Dame encouraged us to speak up and help other immigrants at the university. We now teach fellow students about the initiatives being taken to support all of us. We have also become outspoken advocates for immigrants' rights. We have published our story in the school newspaper as well as in The Washington Post. We help lead immigration events on campus, and we have presented Congresswoman Jackie Walorski with a petition signed by Notre Dame students and faculty advocating for immigrant rights.

Finding Courage
We had never shared our story with a large audience, and we were afraid of how the nation would react to it. Although we were attacked by comments to our Washington Post article, we found support from our community at Notre Dame and from our hometown. It is the encouragement from our communities that gives us the strength to keep sharing our story.

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