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Amit Dodani

Amit Dodani (17) from Chapel Hill, NC

My Mission
My mission is to empower students to change the culture of schools – to replace intolerance with empathy. I grew up with a speech impediment and was told that I had a "problem" or had to be treated "special." I want no one to face this.

My Actions
At age 14 I started My Name My Story. This organization has reached thousands of students and their teachers, showing them how to create a culture of empathy in their own schools. I have given speeches to schools and youth clubs, urging youth to be "changemakers" in the fight against bullying, peer harassment, and intolerance. Our website, school clubs, and events get students directly involved.

Finding Courage
They say that when you stick your head up, stones will be thrown at you, and this has happened to me. The journey of creating, building, and leading my organization has not been easy, but it's been absolutely worth it. Adults have told me that "I am too young" and my peers have questioned my motives. The jabs started to hurt, but with grit and confidence I looked past these statements. Helping others fuels my passion.

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