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Achieving the Impossible Dream - Autographed

By Authors: Mitchell T. Maki, Harry H.L. Kitano, and S. Megan Berthold

The strength and character of the 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry who were incarcerated during World War II have been tested and proven many times over. They bore the indignity of losing their freedom and their material possessions when the war began. They perservered and endured through the depredations of life in the camps. When they returned to their homes after the war, they still faced an unfriendly, even hostile, world. Despite all this they reassembled their lives and livelihoods. With time, patience, and hard work they became successful professionals, community leaders, and parents. Hard work could overcome the material losses of seized property or the four years lost to camp, but it could not replace the dignity and self-respect lost when someone is ostracized and imprisoned without cause. For more than a generation Americans of Japanese ancestry bore this burden in silence and without remedy. This volume tells the stirring story of how the voices of Japanese Americans came to be heard again and how redress for the wrongs of the wartime years was won.

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