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The Hanashi Oral History Video Archive is the world's largest oral history collection of Japanese American World War II veterans' life histories. The archive contains keyword-searchable, professional-quality videos that students, teachers, researchers, and the general public can use to educate themselves and others on the life lessons inspired by the experiences of the Japanese American World War II veterans.

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There are now 700 full-length interviews online in the archive.

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Ray NosakaSenator Daniel Inouye

Historical Significance
Reasons for Serving
Displays of Courage
Reflections on Pearl Harbor
Incarceration Experience
Japanese American Segregated Units
European Theater
Pacific Theater
Positive Aspects
Hardships of War
Personal Experiences

Historical Significance

Choichi Shimabukuro Interview Length: 1:56
Choichi Shimabukuro explains how the experiences of war changed his life.

Hideo Kami Interview Length: 1:00
Hideo Kami claims he has shared his war experiences with his children and hopes they can learn from it.

Dick Narasaki Interview Length: 2:24
Dick Narasaki elaborates on what the 442nd did at the Gothic Line and how its exploits helped with redress.

Reasons for Serving

Keyo Takabayashi Interview Length: 2:21
Keyo Takabayashi shares his reasons for volunteering in spite of what injured soldiers of the 100th Battalion told him.

Colonel Young O. Kim Interview Length: 2:43
Colonel Young O. Kim elaborates on the time he was first transferred to the 100th Infantry Battalion.

Don Seki Interview Length: 1:44
Don Seki discusses how he felt about the attack on Pearl Harbor and why he decided to volunteer.

Hiromi Suehiro Interview Length: 2:44
Hiromi Suehiro reflects on how he did not want to bring shame to his family by being a coward.

Displays of Courage

Colonel Young O. Kim Interview Length: 2:10
Colonel Young O. Kim describes part of the experience at Anzio that would eventually earn him a Distinguished Service Cross.

Senator Daniel Inouye Interview Length: 2:13
Senator Daniel Inouye describes the battle in which he gets heavily injured and loses his right arm.

Harry Akune Interview Length: 2:17
Harry Akune describes his first parachute jump onto Corregidor Island.

Reflections on Pearl Harbor

John Togashi Interview Length: 2:05
John Togashi recalls the reaction of his peers after the attack on Pearl Harbor once he returned back to school.

Senator Daniel Inouye Interview Length: 2:15
Senator Daniel Inouye recalls what happened on December 7, 1941 and how he felt about the surprise attack.

Incarceration Experience

George Matsui Interview Length: 1:01
George Matsui shares his opinion on the Executive Order 9066 and briefly discusses the notion of "shikata ga nai."

Joseph Ichiuji Interview Length: 1:55
Joseph Ichiuji depicts life in camp and how things changed for the family.

George Katagiri Interview Length: 2:25
George Katagiri describes his experiences at the assembly center and his realization of the seriousness of the situation.

Joseph Ichiuji Interview Length: 1:53
Joseph Ichiuji makes the distinction between the American camps and German camps during World War II.

Japanese American Segregated Units

Colonel Christopher Keegan Interview Length: 1:36
Colonel Christopher Keegan describes how the mainland and Hawaiian Japanese Americans came together to form the 442nd RCT.

Rusty Kimura Interview Length: 2:16
Rusty Kimura goes into detail about what goes on at the Military Intelligence Language School (MISLS).

Isamu Inouye Interview Length: 2:29
Isamu Inouye gives his opinion on how his unit was different from a Caucasian unit.

Colonel Iwao Yokooji Interview Length: 1:59
Colonel Iwao Yokooji shares his thoughts on how the Caucasian soldiers were no better than the Japanese American soldiers.

European Theater

Motoyoshi Tanaka Interview Length: 1:35
Motoyoshi Tanaka describes one of his experiences at Monte Cassino and just how close to death he and his fellow soldiers were.

Ron Oba Interview Length: 2:12
Ron Oba shares some of his experiences as a 442nd cook during the war and how close he was to the front line.

Tsuneo Takemoto Interview Length: 1:41
Tsuneo Takemoto recalls some of his experiences at Bruyeres where several men were lost in battle.

Thomas Espineda Interview Length: 2:17
Thomas Espineda describes his first experience at battle.

Norman Ikari Interview Length: 2:05
Norman Ikari describes the effects of the German 88 shell.

Larry Sakoda Interview Length: 1:36
Larry Sakoda shares his feelings about the rescue of the "Lost Battalion."

Pacific Theater

Grant Hirabayashi Interview Length: 1:18
Grant Hirabayashi goes into detail about the mission of Merrill's Marauders in Northern Burma.

Hideto Kono Interview Length: 2:13
Hideto Kono describes one incident of cave flushing in Iwo Jima.

George Takabayashi Interview Length: 2:26
George Takabayashi remembers his first POW interrogation and how the Japanese soldier was ashamed of being captured.

George Katagiri Interview Length: 1:45
George Katagiri remembers how Japanese civilians viewed him.

Warren Tsuneishi Interview Length: 1:50
Warren Tsuneishi shares how he felt about fighting against the Japanese.

Positive Aspects

Makoto Takiguchi Interview Length: 1:16
Makoto Takiguchi explains how important camaraderie and friendship is between fellow soldiers.

Grant Hirabayashi Interview Length: 1:29
Grant Hirabayashi expresses his feelings upon returning to the states.

Takejiro Higa Interview Length: 1:15
Takejiro Higa claims that it was a good thing to be sent to the Pacific theater.

Hardships of War

Ray Nosaka Interview Length: 2:02
Ray Nosaka discusses one of the negative aspects of war: killing and shooting one another when everyone is human.

Ray Nosaka Interview Length: 1:50
Ray Nosaka claims one of the hardest things he had to experience in the war was confronting parents about their son's death.

Takejiro Higa Interview Length: 2:08
Takejiro Higa shares how difficult it was to return to Okinawa as a soldier during World War II.

Personal Experiences

Rusty Kimura Interview Length: 1:37
Rusty Kimura explains how he got his nickname of "Rusty."

Harry Akune Interview Length: 2:00
Harry Akune talks about the time he had an encounter with a Dutch-New Guinea boy.