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January 6, 1943
The 100th Infantry Battalion leaves Camp McCoy for Camp Shelby, Mississippi.

Training for shore landing at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.

January 31, 1943
At the request of the men of the Triple V, the unit is deactivated so that its members can enlist in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT).

February 1, 1943
The 442nd Regimental Combat Team is activated by President Roosevelt: "Americanism is not and never was, a matter of race and ancestry."

March 28, 1943
The Honolulu Chamber of Commerce sponsors a farewell ceremony at the Iolani Palace for 1,686 Nisei volunteers for the 442nd RCT.

April 16, 1943
Harold Fudenna, a Nisei MISer, with 138th Signal Corps, interprets an intercepted radio message that reveals the air route that Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto will take in his inspection of Japanese facilities on South Bougainville. His bomber is shot down and he perishes with it. Fudenna is awarded a Bronze Star.

May 1943
442nd RCT begins training in Mississippi.

442nd in formation at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.

June 1943
1st volunteer group graduates from MISLS, then takes a “crash” course basic training as Co "S" at Camp Shelby.

July 1943
MISers become part of Task Force to recapture Kiska Island in the Aleutians.

July-August 1943
MIS recruits language personnel from 442nd RCT.

August 21, 1943
100th Infantry Battalion sails from NYC on the James Parker, a troop ship.

September 2, 1943
100th Infantry Battalion lands in Oran, North Africa and is assigned to guard supply trains from Casablanca to Tunisa. Colonel Turner refuses. The 100th is subsequently assigned to the 34th Infantry Division on September 5th.

September 22, 1943
100th Infantry Battalion lands on the beach at Salerno, Italy as a part of the 133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division.

September 29, 1943
First day of combat for the 100th Infantry Battalion. Baseball star Shigeo “Joe” Takata is the first member of the 100th Infantry Battalion to be killed in action and the first to receive the Distinguished Service Cross.

October 1943
Japanese American women are accepted into the Women's Army Corps. During WWII and the post-war period more than 300 Nisei women serve in the WAC.

Nisei clerk-typist, Special Service Army Forces in the Pacific, Tokyo, Japan.

November 3, 1943
133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th Division and the 100th Infantry Battalion begin offensive attacks against the Germans crossing the Volturno River for the third time, south of Naples.

Late 1943
Fourteen Nisei are assigned to Merrill’s Marauders in North Burma.

Japanese American interpreters with Brigadier General Frank Merrill's infantry troops in Burma.