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<1950 - 1953>

While some MIS linguists served in the occupation of Japan until 1952, others reported for duty to serve in the Korean War. Hundreds of Nisei, who were now veterans of World War II, saw action in Korea. More than 5,000 Japanese Americans served with American forces in Korea, and more than 200 gave their lives.

Members from the famous 442nd Regimental Combat Team also served in Korea. Several MIS men performed intelligence work on the front lines while others served as interrogators. One MIS linguist, Sukeo “Skeets” Oji was asked to start a POW interrogation school in Daegu, located in the northern Gyeongsang province.

The MIS soldiers served bravely in the Korean War. After the war, the MIS continued to serve in various roles worldwide. Others returned to the United States to restart their lives.

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