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Overview of the Military Units
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the loyalty of all Japanese Americans were questioned. When they were finally allowed to enlist for military service, they were placed in segregated units. The 100th Battalion became the first battalion of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, but was allowed to keep its name, "100th Battalion (Separate)" due to the renowned records in its first year of service overseas. Please go to the Diagram of Military Units to see how these units, as well as the other segregated units, were organized. You may also click on the various units to read about the individual unit histories.

Military Record of the Military Units
The Japanese American soldiers of WWII proved their loyalty through the sacrifices they made in service to their country, the United States. The decorations and awards they earned are a permanent and indisputable record of their bravery and their patriotism.

For its size and length of service, the 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team was the most decorated US military unit.

The Military Intelligence Service (MIS) was credited as having "saved countless lives and shortened the war by two years" by Major General Willoughby, General McArthur's Intelligence Chief.

Decorations received by the 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team
21 Medals of Honor (20 awarded on June 1, 2000)
29 Distinguished Service Crosses (including 19 Distinguished Service Crosses which were upgraded to Medals of Honor in June 2000)
Over 334 Silver Stars with 28 Oak Leaf Clusters (in lieu of second Silver Star. One Silver Star was upgraded to a Medal of Honor in June 2000)
7 Presidential Unit Citations
1 Distinguished Service Medal
17 Legion of Merit Medals
15 Soldier's Medals
Over 848 Bronze Stars with 1,200 Oak Leaf Clusters (in lieu of second Bronze Star)*
1 Air Medal
Over 4,000 Purple Hearts
36 Army Commendations
87 Division Commendations
Over 20 French Croix de Guerre with 2 Palms (in lieu of a second award)
2 Italian Crosses for Military Valor (Croce Al Merito Di Guerra)
2 Italian Medals for Military Valor (Medaglia De Bronzo Al Valor Militaire)
1 Soldier's Medal (Great Britain)
Decorations received by the Military Intelligence Service (MIS)**
2 Distinguished Unit Citations
3 Ranger Hall of Fame
10 Military Intelligence Hall of Fame
1 Distinguished Service Cross
1 Distinguished Service Medal
18 Silver Stars
7 Purple Hearts
6 Presidential Unit Citation (to individuals)
3 Legion of Merit Medals
2 Soldier's Medal
132 Bronze Star Medals
2 Air Medals
1 British Empire Medal
98 Letters of Commendation
35 Combat Infantrymen's Badges

*AR 600-8-22 awards the BSM to a WW II holder of the CIB or Combat Medics Badge. This number does not include many qualified 442nd men. Source: Orville C. Shirey, 1946 (edited)

**MIS List is a work in progress. Built on data compiled by Jim Yamashita