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The Go For Broke National Education Center’s Resource Center is open to all teachers, students, authors, researchers and the general public.

The Resource Center retains source material on the entire WWII Japanese American experience, with emphasis on the Nisei veterans. The center also contains information on the other segregated units’ experiences such as the Tuskegee Airmen, Navajo Code Talkers, etc. Materials currently available and being collected include books, periodicals, videos, photographs, newspaper articles and personal papers written and published by the veterans or others.

The centerpiece of the Resource Center is its Oral History Video Archive, where hundreds of Hanashi Oral History Program interviews can be accessed. The Oral History Video Archive is Web-based and WWII Nisei veterans’ life stories can be keyword searched and viewed on computer workstations. Hanashi Oral History Program interviews are some of the last remaining primary sources of WWII Japanese American veteran information. Because of the subject matter, Go For Broke requires registration to view the entire collection.

Additionally, Go For Broke's “A Tradition of Honor” documentary and other productions and independent films about the Japanese American WWII veteran and incarceration experiences can be viewed on viewing stations. Still photographs of the WWII veteran experience can be viewed. Many of these rare photos have never been publicly accessible.

The Resource Center is located at 367 Van Ness Way, Suite 611 Torrance, CA 90501

Resource Center phone: (310) 328-0907

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