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January 2018


President's Message
Looking forward to an exciting 2018


Happy New Year! With the beginning of a new 12 months, questions quickly arise about what will Go For Broke National Education Center be doing in the coming year. Clearly, 2017 was filled with excitement, accomplishment and success in moving our mission forward. This coming year, 2018, promises much more!

Our theme for the coming year is "Looking to the Future!" In the coming year, we will have at least two traveling exhibits touring the nation. We will be enhancing and improving our permanent exhibition in downtown Los Angeles. We will continue to tell the World War II Japanese American veteran story through expanded curriculum, teacher trainings, school group visits, and public program activities across the nation. And, of course, we will continue our annual events, such as the Monument Anniversary and our Evening of Aloha!

At this time, however, "Looking to the Future!" means so much more than just what will occur in the next 12 months. As we know, the Japanese American community is quickly evolving. Our beloved Nisei generation is leaving us much too quickly. As they move on to new spiritual places, questions surface about who will shepherd and support our community's organizations. More importantly, concerns arise about what will happen to the veterans' story and who will ensure that it will continue to be told.

At GFBNEC, as we are "Looking to the Future," we are very cognizant of this challenge. In the new year and years to come, we will actively and aggressively pursue strategies that will ensure sustainability for our organization and our story. These strategies include, but are not limited to, the creation and funding of an endowment fund, establishment of meaningful and long-term relationships with like-minded organizations, and the development of innovative and ongoing funding sources. I look forward to sharing the details of each of these areas as they develop. As we move forward, I welcome and encourage your support, ideas and experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me and my staff with your suggestions.

As we continue to tell the story and ensure the sustainability of the organization, we will all be "Looking to the Future" to keep the legacy and story alive. As we do so, the courage and strength of our Nisei veterans will continue to touch the world! Looking to the Future!

Mitchell T. Maki, Ph.D.

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