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April 2017


President's Message

PresidentI need your help!

At Go For Broke National Education Center, we are doing some wonderful work. Our exhibition continues to bring in more and more people each week. We have had two public programs this year about which people have raved. Our traveling exhibit is about ready to take flight in the summer. Our essay, poetry, and video contest is underway. Great things are happening - I need your help in getting the word out!

Social media - today, it is all about social media, especially for those under the age of 50. It used to be letters, emails and newsletters could do the trick in letting people know what the organization is doing. That's no longer the case. Today, social media is an essential part of the tool kit. Tweet this; post that; share it all! And the truth is, I am a babe in the wilderness. Actually, I am more like what my staff calls me-a technology dinosaur.

But, that's all changing. Go For Broke National Education Center has Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We have been tweeting about events and accomplishments on Twitter. We have been posting on Instagram and will do so even more. We have posted our last two public programs on our YouTube channel and will also be posting edited clips of our Hanashi oral histories. We have contracted with a gentleman named Gil Asakawa to help us with this effort. Gil oversees the social media campaign for AARP's Asian American team. So, he knows a thing or two about how to do this. As we go forward, we will embrace the vehicles of social media.

This is where you come in. If a tree falls in the virtual forest and no one is following it, it doesn't mean a thing. I need you to follow GFBNEC on Facebook and LinkedIn. Please follow GFBNEC on Twitter (@GFBNEC). I ask you to find us on YELP and input a review of both our exhibition and our monument (that way people who use YELP will become interested in visiting us!). I invite you to go to our YouTube channel and check out our public programs and oral histories (you can even subscribe and it's free!). For each of these vehicles, whenever possible please "like" us and "share" the posts so your friends and family can also see our good work.

Now, if you are unlike me and are under 50 years old, all of my requests will seem simple and easy to follow. However, if you are like me (before my recent transformation into a social media guru!), all of my requests will sound like goobly-gosh. Here's my suggestion -- ask your son or daughter (or grandkids, if you have some) and they will explain it all to you. If they can't help you, call us at the office and one of my staff will help explain it to you and help walk you through each step.

Getting the word out to the national community about the legacy of our World War II Nisei veterans is something for which we are all responsible. With social media, we can all be participants in telling and sharing the story. As I said earlier, I need your help. Together we can be sure that story continues to be told.

Tweet on! And continue to Share our story!


Mitchell T. Maki, Ph.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Go For Broke National Education Center

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