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On June 5, 1999 the dreams of a determined group of World War II veterans came to life with the unveiling of the Go For Broke Monument in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles, California.

Inscribed on the face of the monument are the words of Ben Tamashiro, 100th Infantry Battalion veteran, who succinctly explains the important chapter of American history that was written by these veterans:

Rising to the defense of their country, by the thousands they came these young Japanese American soldiers from Hawaii, the States, America's concentration camps to fight in Europe and the Pacific during World War II. Looked upon with suspicion, set apart and deprived of their constitutional rights, they nevertheless remained steadfast and served with indomitable spirit and uncommon valor, for theirs was a fight to prove loyalty. This legacy will serve as a sobering reminder that never again shall any group be denied liberty and the rights of citizenship.

-- Ben Tamashiro, 100th Infantry Battalion

Today, tens of thousands visit our Monument every year. Busloads of school children, visitors determined to take home an etching of a beloved veteran, locals returning to gaze upon a majestic reminder of patriotism and courage.